Silent Hill: Revelation

silent_hill_revelation_3d_ver3_xlgSilent Hill: Revelation is a horror film sequel that really shouldn’t have been made. In it, a woman named Heather (Adelaide Clemens) visits a place called Silent Hill to save her father (Sean Bean) from an evil child named Alessa who wants Heather’s soul. I’m not pulling your leg, people; that’s the entire plot of the film. Horrific creatures and jump scares abound throughout its somehow too-long hour and thirty–five minute running time.

Silent Hill: Revelation is based on the video game series Silent Hill, created by video game company Konami. I’ve never actually played Silent Hill, but I remember the game and its sequels being very popular when they were released. This film was a waste of a special effects studio’s time because, although the creatures looked fantastic, none of them really produced any fright. Most of the time while I watched the movie, any mediocre amount of fleeting fright was the result of a cheap, throwaway jump scare. No tension or dread I felt was ever truly lasting throughout this film.

Not surprisingly, the performances were nothing special either. Sean Bean is his usual heroic self, and Adelaide Clemens plays Heather like a poor man’s Jennifer Lawrence. Her character has no personality; her performance has no emotional pull; and neither gives the viewer anything to feel or root for. I didn’t believe in her or her fear. Dull, dull, dull.

In short, I disliked this movie, but I suppose video game enthusiasts might enjoy it.  The movie is still playing locally; check out show times here.

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