Alex Cross

alex_cross_ver4_xlgAlex Cross, the film, is a reinvention of Alex Cross, the forensic psychologist character made popular by James Patterson in his series of print thrillers. In Alex Cross we are introduced to the eponymous detective (Tyler Perry) who works with a team in the South Carolina police department. In the course of human events, Cross runs afoul of a man called Picasso (Matthew Fox), who is apparently an assassin of some sort, and who gets pleasure from the pain of his victims. This killer starts knocking off the rich and the wealthy by finding them, paralyzing them with a drug, and then torturing them to death. Things turn personal when the assassin targets someone Alex Cross loves. Continue reading



arbitrage_xlgArbitrage, the new film from director Nicholas Jarecki (The Outsider) stars Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and Brit Marling. In this timely thriller, Robert Miller (Gere), the CEO of a hedge fund, commits fraud in order to make it appear the company is continuing to do well in troubled financial times. This smoke screen is necessary because the fund is up for sale, and neither Miller’s investors nor his daughter (Marling), the company’s CFO, can know about the $400 million in debt that would sink the company, the merger, and his life’s work. Oh, and if that’s not enough plot for you, Miller’s life is complicated further when he accidentally causes the death of his mistress after a particularly difficult workweek. Continue reading