Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a move based heavily on the video game franchise of the same name.  I won’t bore you with an explanation of the videogames premise except to say that it is about killing zombies in a metropolitan space.  The film’s plot is along the same lines as the original videogame and our heroine is Alice.  The film opens with people going about their daily lives at the Umbrella Corporation and people are working in a lab testing a chemical.  A few minutes we see someone come in and break a chemical in the lab that gets released into the corporation through the venting system.  The chemical goes into the environment and the corporation’s main computer shuts down the entire corporation trapping all the infected people inside as they suffocate to death from the chemical.  After a few days we meet a woman named Alice.  Alice starts the film waking up naked in a shower with no idea of how she got there.  Alice wandered around the room trying to figure out where she was.  She wandered around the room until she was able to meet some security personnel from the umbrella corporation.  The security personnel from the umbrella corporation reminded her of who she was and what her position was at the company.  The ragtag group of personnel from the umbrella corporation realized that the computer had a specific reason for shutting down.  The computer realized that the corporation had been compromised so she decided to place the corporation on lockdown.  Because the main computer placed the corporation on lockdown from the chemical that was infecting everyone, no one was able to escape.  Alice and the other security personnel realized that all the people held captive in the facility were infected with the T virus.  The faculty members infected with the T –virus transformed into flesh eating zombies.  The rest of the film is spent fighting off fleshy zombies with Alice the remaining members of the security guard tried to escape the Umbrella Corporation. 

The actors all did a fine and serviceable job.  Mila Jovovich was the standout star of this film.  I think Alice had the most inner strength of all the characters in the film.  She works hard not only to understand the predicament they are in, but also to find out who she is personally.  The one compliant that I had about this film is that no other characters other than Alice had a back story.  I think I would’ve been captivated if I had known the back story to some of the other soldiers. and the phone I know that a lot of nerds will think that this film is great because of the action sequences and because it’s based on the video game, but I also understand that this film is also geared towards general audiences looking for something new to watch.  This film comes recommended because of the journey the character goes on.  I can say I remained engaged throughout the entire process of learning about Alice and what the umbrella corporation had done.

Resident Evil is a great attempt at adapting a video game into a move.  No one can ask more from the film than that.


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