Mulan was Disney’s reimaging of an old Chinese folk tale about a young Chinese maiden who goes in her father’s place to fight in a war against the Huns.  What makes this particular film a Disney animated classic is the fact that our hero is a heroine.  She is someone who fights for what she believes is right and risks everything to protect her family.  Mulan shows an enormous amount of courage both as a warrior and later as a woman.  Mulan is also helped out by a dragon named Mushu who also has gained little respect from his peers.  Mulan, when the film begins is expected to be a proper lady and her husband’s servant.  For Mushu he is the errand boy for all of the other famous dragons.  Together these two main characters embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Mulan is timeless classic because it teaches girls everywhere inner strength and courage.  I like Mulan because she isn’t a princess but a woman of integrity and value.  Mulan is one of the only Disney films to feature an epic war battle.  This film’s heart lies in Mulan’s ability to rise to any challenge and support those around her.  Mulan is the perfect role model for girls because she is a character who is not limited by the fact that she is a female.  Mulan works to be more than who people have told her she has to be.  Not only is this an important message for young girls everywhere, but it also lets them know that they should not limit their dreams.  Mushu the dragon also has to learn this same lesson throughout the film.  I personally believe that learning you can be more than people have asked you to be is a brilliant message for children.  Mulan is a timeless classic because it asks you to reach inside yourself and show people who you really are while simultaneously being proud of that person proving once again that beauty starts inside of us all.


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