Hop is a CGI animated film about a bunny named EB who has inherited the title of the Easter Bunny but in reality would like to be a famous drummer.  EB is assisted in this quest by Fred O’Hare, a man who as a boy once was fortunate enough to meet the Easter Bunny.  The film’s climax involves a hostile takeover by the chicks who work for the Easter Bunny.  I can’t say Hop is a horrible film but this is one of those movies where everything you would enjoy was revealed in the trailer.

The animation for Hop is some of the best and most realistic I have seen this year.  James Marsden is funny but predictable in his role as Fred O’Hare.  There isn’t a standout performance in this film mostly because it’s a kid’s movie and really doesn’t need one.  I love the fact that we were told that the story takes places in Hollywood because in that instant all the adventure was taken out of the film.  EB as a character had no journey to go on, he just landed where he wanted to go without having to work to get there.  The one gag that worked in the film was the fact that EB can poop candy, specifically jelly beans.  I liked the cinematography used to create the Easter Bunny factory.  I especially enjoyed seeing it be a brightly lit happy atmosphere because it contrasted the mood of EB throughout the film.  What could have been a colorful animated comedy about believing in oneself turned out to be a drab interpretation of a genuinely delightful holiday.  The failure of this film does not rest with the animators as they did a fine job bringing the characters to life.  Fault lies with the filmmakers for not understanding that their use of the Easter holiday could have allowed them to reinvent the holiday’s purpose and give more meaning to the holiday for children who see the film.


Replay Value:



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